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Sustainability Report

"The Reporting process, which led to the preparation of the Sustainability Report, represented a precious opportunity to show the complexity of our world and our great commitment to sustainability, both as a creator and as a distributor of value in each of the locations where we operate. Through this process, we have been increasingly aware of the fundamental role that we can play in each of these environments, offering not only high-level services to our customers but also opportunities for local development. "

Fabrizio Di Amato, Chairman and Majority Shareholder Maire Tecnimont


How can we create sustainable value in the world at Maire Tecnimont? Starting from the awareness that corporate social responsibility involves not only generating economic impact but also the need to:

  • Give priority to specific community needs and to local economic development.
  • Rely on a solid and reliable supply chain at the supplier level.
  • Maintain a trusting relationship with customers

The fundamental aspects of Maire Tecnimont's strategy to generate sustainable value are:

  1. The interaction with local communities and institutions is maintained through a Local Content strategy, that allows us to play an active role in the development of local communities, contributing to the socio-economic well-being of a territory. Thanks to this, we can create local employment, strengthen local suppliers, increase the share of local ownership in the sector, promote the development of local businesses, accelerate the transfer of skills and technologies, and give priority to the employment and training of local staff.
  2. The consolidation of the supply chain through a structured supplier qualification process (including an assessment in the social-environmental area), significantly reduces the risk of technical or financial capacity shortages and supplier non-compliance. Our modus operandi also takes in account: the creation of IPOs (International Procurement Office), an E2Y electronic platform to make purchasing processes faster and more integrated, "Seenergy" meeting events with the main suppliers to focus on socio-environmental aspects as well.
  3. Value creation for customers is guaranteed by our presence in over 40 countries because we diversify revenue streams and minimize the risks that would result from exposure in one single region. We increase customer value by leveraging the interaction of several factors such as: a wide range of integrated services, the strengthening of the integration of the Group's transversal skills, a global procurement platform able to manage all the requests, the involvement of suppliers and partners before the offer to provide innovative solutions and a "design to cost" approach.


To learn more, read and download our Sustainability Report 


Last update: 31/03/2020 18:46