Several representative groups of key categories of external stakeholders were also actively involved through a structured survey in order to assess and prioritize the topics.

In 2021 due to the pandemic, interaction with our stakeholders changed in some respects. Thanks to technology, we were able to expand our reach to a greater number of stakeholders, in more geographical areas. These more flexible tools have transformed our way of communicating, both during events and in moments of daily dialogue.

In 2021 we held 20 corporate events, over 70 webinars and industry conferences, talks, and international conventions, and carried out extensive outreach through our communications office via our social media channels. In 2021 we directly involved a new category of external stakeholders: universities. The main issues emerging during the year from the stakeholder engagement process led to recalibrating the positioning on the topics found to be material without significant changes.

The issues that emerged from the materiality analysis formed the basis for the updating of the Maire Tecnimont Sustainability Plan, which is an integral part of the Group’s 2022-2026 Business Plan, and for the definition of the targets assigned to management.