Milan, September 26th 2019 - A Malaysian government delegation, led by the Minister of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia, Datuk Darell Leiking, was a guest of the Maire Tecnimont group in its Milan headquarters. The Minister took part as a speaker in the "Region Day", the event dedicated to the international presence of the Group.
He also visited the NextChem plant for the recycling of plastics, located in Bedizzole (Brescia). NextChem is the company of the Group that operates in the field of green chemistry and technologies, supporting the energy transition.
Minister Leiking, strongly interested in MyReplast upcycling technology, has chosen the Bedizzole plant for its unique characteristics in terms of production capacity, treatment flexibility and quality of the finished product, with recycling efficiency of 95%.
The plant is able to produce over 40 thousand tons of recycled polymers per year, treating various types of incoming plastic waste, mainly in the field of post-industrial consumption (car components, food and industrial packaging production waste). MyReplast technology also ensures a finished product - the recycled polymer - of the highest quality, with very high recycling efficiency.
In addition to the Circular Economy with the MyReplast Industries plant, NextChem's roadmap for energy transition includes technological initiatives aimed at mitigating the environmental effects of traditional plants for the transformation of oil and gas (Greening the Brown) and to identifying oil substitutes for the production of chemicals, fuels and plastics from renewable sources, as well as the industrialization of bioplastic production (Green Green).