Milan 14 May 2019 

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. announces that its innovation and license company Stamicarbon has been awarded a contract for License, Process Design Package (PDP) and Proprietary Equipment supply for a grass root urea melt and granulation plant for ShchekinoAzot, to be built in Pervomayskiy, Tula region, Russia.
Shchekinoazot is one of the leading Russian enterprises operating in the domestic and global chemical raw materials and products markets.
The scope of work for Stamicarbon is the complete license and PDP for a 2,000 mtpd melt and granulation plant including supply of proprietary equipment. The urea melt plant will use Stamicarbon’s Pool Reactor Design and Flash Design. These designs simplify synthesis loop operation, lower investment costs and reduce steam consumption. The Safurex® high pressure stripper and pool reactor will be equipped with a radar level measurement system. 
The granulation plant will use Stamicarbon’s Optimized Granulation Design and the MicroMist™ Venturi Scrubber technology. This high-performance multi-stage gas scrubber for granulators is designed to remove urea particles and ammonia gas at extremely high efficiencies. It is capable of meeting most stringent emission levels by capturing submicron dust and removing ammonia efficiently via the injection of an acid solution, while minimizing energy consumption by keeping pressure-drop low.
This achievement further confirms the Group’s worldwide leadership in fertilizers licensing, as well as the reliability of its technology-driven value proposition, focused on value added, higher-margins projects based on unparalleled distinctive competencies. 

Maire Tecnimont SpA
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