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Economic development hand in hand with cultural integration

Amur Gas Processing plant, located 13 km north of the city in the Amur Region of the Russian Federation, will be the largest gas processing plant worldwide with a capacity of 42 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. More than 32,000 people of 20 nationalities are engaged in building the plant, with the UI&O P3 project involving about 20,000 people alone. Together with Amur Gas and Chemical Plant, the second project located nearby and launched in 2020 with the participation of the Group, over 40,000 people will be engaged in the joint project in its peak phase. The remoteness of the location, the size of the projects, and tough extreme climate conditions create a higher level of complexity both in terms of project execution and social and cultural integration, but at the same time it will have a huge impact in terms of creation of infrastructure and in employment market in the area, representing an important opportunity for local economic development as well as a goal within the sustainability challenge. Aware of the delicate social environment in which the mega-project will be completed during the coming years, an AGPP P3 Programme for Social and Cultural Integration has been set up and is in its second year of development, aimed at:

  • reducing the possible risks arising from the involvement of a very diverse workforce at nationality level, focusing on improving relationships between different ethnic groups;
  • supporting local communities and contributing to their long-term socio-economic development;
  • improving working and living conditions of the personnel involved in the project; sharing Italian cultural heritage and Group’s values among local communities and other participants in the project.

After the first year from its launch, during which several initiatives were implemented at local level (volunteer programmes, sports competitions, educational programmes, scientific and cultural initiatives), made possible thanks to the constant involvement of a dedicated site staff member with all project stakeholders and the community, in 2020 the Plan underwent a necessary remodelling in order to overcome the restrictions related to the spread of the pandemic. Inevitably, some initiatives had to be stopped, while others were implemented to respond more promptly to the needs of the local community, and in particular to relieve specific hardship situations and support the local healthcare structures serving the area.

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