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Our excellences

A heritage of knowledge and skills

Maire Tecnimont's history is based on the great petrochemical tradition of Giulio Natta, Nobel Prize winner for chemistry and inventor of the polypropylene. The Group complemented this engineering excellence with a second soul of innovation and technology through the acquisitions of Stamicarbon in 2009 (which allowed us to become world leaders in the fertilizers sector), and of KT - Kinetics Technology in 2010 (which enabled us to expand and enhance the technologies for gas treatment, as well as some refining units such as sulfur and hydrogen).

Focusing on technology has proved to be a winning strategy and has enabled us to put all our distinctive skills in place. Today, Maire Tecnimont Group owns and manages proprietary technologies and intellectual property of great value in the Refining, Energy, Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Chemical and Petrochemical sectors.

Through the expansion of our business, our role within society has become more complex and has led to greater responsibilities: in light of this evolution we have made an international commitment, deciding to give our support to the United Nations Global Compact and integrating the Sustainable Development Goals into our operations, making them a pillar of our decision-making processes. In Maire Tecnimont Group the respect for the Environment, Society and Governance principles (ESG) accompanies us in our daily activities, in an market context increasingly demanding and in compliance with the legal requirements.

For us, excellence also means open innovation, as shown by our Maire Tecnimont Innovation Center (MTIC), a common platform that collects the patent portfolio and makes it available for all the Group's companies (about 1,200 patents, mostly in the urea and fertilizers sector).

Regarding innovative technologies, we have created a company dedicated exclusively to their development, MET Gas Processing Technologies.
We consider real excellences also the research projects and collaborations with Italian and foreign universities, as well as our Research and Development sector, thanks to which we launch new innovative projects every year, actively working with the main research centers and industrial partners to improve the performance of our technologies.


Another keyword for Maire Tecnimont is Diversity. We are a multicultural Group, our employees belong to 70 different nationalities, and this is one of the enriching factors of the Group. For us, Diversity means appreciating and enhancing the unique contribution that everyone can offer thanks to their personal and cultural background, as well as their different skills, experiences, and perspectives. The Group recognizes and promotes the value of diversity, as well as the importance of creating and maintaining an inclusive and collaborative culture in the workplace, to ensure a high level of competitiveness and sustainability for the organization and, more broadly, for all the contexts in which we operate. A particular focus is also given to gender Diversity (6140 employees out of which 1161 females and 4979 males), for which the Group, starting with the companies based in the Milan headquarters, has introduced a specific policy to support the return to work following a maternity leave and, in general, to ensure equal opportunities.


Last update: 04/02/2023 00:12