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Volgafert LLC Fertilizer Plant (Russia)

Joint venture composed by:

  • 32% MET Development (END-TO-END-PARTNER): Project Development, Debt structuring, Technology & EPC Services, Operation & Maintenance support)
  • 68% KuibyshevAzot


Plant features

  • 1,500 metric tones per day of Urea
  • €160 Million total investment cost preliminarily estimated 


  • Urea 2000Plus®
  • Pool Reactor and granulation technologies by Stamicarbon
  • EPC LSTK by Tecnimont

Kingisepp Fertilizer Plant (Russia)

MOU (April 2015)

EUROCHEM, SACE and MET for development of 5 fertilizer plants

€ 575 Million Debt non-recourse Project Financing based on SACE coverage


FEEDSTOCK SUPPLY Long-term agreement with Gazprom

OFF-TAKE Long-term arrangement with Eurochem Antwerp



Plant features:

  • 2,890 Mtpd  Ammonia plant
  • € 660 Million EPC approx. value 

Biolevano Biomass Plant (Italy)

  • Design
  • Build
  • Finance
  • Maintain & Operate


END-TO-END DEVELOPER: Long-term Feedstock Supply Agreements, Power Purchase agreement, Permits, LSTK EPC Contract (Tecnimont S.p.A./Part of MET), Operation & Maintenance (MST S.r.l./Part of MET)


Plant Features 

  • 18 MWE Electrical Power Plant
  • € 80 Million total investment cost
  • Feedstock: Woodchips (short supply chain)
  • Technology: BAT standards
  • Start-up: 2013

Kafco Fertilizer Plant (Bangladesh)


  • Design
  • Finance
  • Maintain & Operate


END-TO-END PARTNER Co-developer (as part of an industrial consortium), Project structuring (secured financing from JBIC/JICA; long-term off-take of Ammonia and Urea); Equity co-investment, License and technology provider; Operation & Maintenance support (3-4 year)

Plant features:

  • 1,725 metric tones per day of Urea
  • Technologies: Urea 2000Plus®; Pool reactor technology by Stamicarbon
  • Startup: 1995 
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