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EPC Innovation

The application of innovative methodologies for plant design is a win-win for the Contractor and the Customer, as their application shortens the project schedule and tends to minimize errors and consequent reworks - to the advantage of all parties involved.

The EPC innovation program is a bottom-up methodology, collecting innovative ideas from all the employees and evaluating each idea through a “Innovation Pipe Line” mechanism, i.e. a gate mechanism which is aimed at selecting the most promising ideas from the point of view of innovation, feasibility and practicality and cost effectiveness. 
This has generated a large number of ideas, many of which have been developed and are being applied to EPC projects. Several Lessons Learnt have also emerged and new Company Standards and codes, while new Work Instructions have been issued. The idea generation process has involved all the Group, with particular emphasis in EPC oriented companies.
A typical list of EPC improvement projects under development is shown in the picture.
As in recent years, BIM implementation is having a major role in EPC innovation design tools, extended not only to engineering but also to the construction.

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