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About Us

We are a leading industrial group in the natural resources transformation sector: technology, engineering & construction in the Oil & Gas downstream and in the energy transition. We operate in 45 countries through approximately 50 companies, involving more than 40.000 people from 70 nationalities in our projects worldwide. While carrying out our activities, we focus on creating shared value in the territories in which we operate and reducing the environmental impact.





Our technological roots, dating back to the pioneers of Italian engineering, and the long experience gained through the management of large, integrated, and complex projects enabled us to become a leading global contractor.

Our strong technological drive provides access to the Best Available Technologies (BAT) on the market, consolidating our position of leadership as a contractor for highly complex plants.

Through our network of international engineering hubs, we supply clients with services and know-how that span from conceptual studies to technological consulting, process engineering, and detail design. The services we offer exploit business synergies and cross-fertilization opportunities present within our group, drawing from the specialist skills of all of our companies.



The Maire Tecnimont technology portfolio consists of 130 patent families and about 1,700 individual patents and patent applications in many countries. In addition, the innovation pipeline (IPL) process has been rolled out across the Group, resulting in over 70 new innovation projects in the Green Acceleration project and more than 54 new patents in different fields. Maire Tecnimont’s research activities fall mainly into the following categories: development of new raw materials for petrochemicals production; improvement of current technologies; and development of innovative and sustainable new technologies. The continuous cooperation with Universities and Research Centers makes us frontrunners in innovation and R&D, remaining on the cutting-edge of our industry.



We pursue opportunities assisting potential clients from the early stages of the investment process, leveraging our advanced technical and financial skills to promote projects in which the group can play a pivotal role in coordinating the whole process and the various financial, institutional, and technical actors involved. The group itself initiates projects, bringing together investors and resources to establish a company to build and operate a plant. It entails playing a key role to steer strategic development – from concept to execution – of large-scale projects.


Thanks to our extensive know-how in research, licensing, engineering and construction of natural resource processing plants we provide solutions for the energy transition. Our history, expertise, knowledge and leadership in transforming natural feedstocks make us an industrial enabler of innovative and sustainable plants. From scouting, pivoting, industrializing, and finally marketing a portfolio of sustainable technologies dedicated to decarbonization and green chemistry, we are committed to accelerating the energy transition, making it real for our clients and communities.

We are taking a leading role in this new ecosystem through proactive project development, launching new supply chains, and by activating innovative financial instruments and green capital on both the debt and equity side, which can also include our direct co-investment.

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