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A Commitment to the World

The Sustainable Development Goals were set out as concrete and measurable objectives to be achieved by 2030 by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015. They have become the fundamental reference points to map, measure and plan the actions necessary to achieve sustainable development at various levels, not only directly economic but also and above all environmental and social.

The 2030 Agenda, of which the SDGs are an integral part, has become part of the sustainability toolkit in companies and in the multi-stakeholder debate, where the role of the private sector has been increasingly placed at the center. The business sector is required to make a transformational change, one that is necessary to eliminate or at least reduce the environmental and social impacts of industrial development as we have known it until now.

The transformation required to achieve the SDGs is reflected in our business. Our vision of sustainability and our growing commitment to the UNGC have helped us to mature as a Group and take part in the continuous evolution of the energy scenario in which we operate, with particular attention to the social and environmental responsibility that is part of our role as an international industrial player.

There are 14 Sustainable Development Goals, to which we believe we can contribute, putting our position as a business leader to work to achieve them.

Last update: 28/11/2022 09:06