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A long-term value

The E&C sector is a major source of economic growth for many of the emerging countries in which we operate, yet historically the opportunities for local businesses and the local workforce to participate in this sector is limited. Our approach is designed to support local workforce development, local sourcing of goods and services, and leverage the business environment to stimulate the socio-economic development of the areas where we operate.

For each local project, we adopt the In-Country-Value (ICV) requirements of each country and combine the Group’s regional approach with an integrated business plan, with the aim of enabling sustainable growth of our business and supply chain. We are continuing on this path by launching specific actions to support our supply chain by making Maire Tecnimont's experience and know-how available for shared long-term development.

Growth Program - Maire Tecnimont Up

For Maire Tecnimont, value creation increasingly involves the entire supply chain of over 5,000 Italian and foreign companies. The Group has always been committed to ensuring the growth and flexibility of its supply chain, one of the key factors of competitiveness on foreign markets thanks to the technological excellence of the many Italian and foreign SMEs that contribute to Maire Tecnimont projects. The Group has set up a program to support its Italian suppliers, who are strategic in terms of technological content and growth potential. The “Maire Tecnimont Up” program includes activities to facilitate access to credit, support expansion in new markets overseas, as well as to strengthen training to encourage sustainable innovation. In particular, the plan for the growth and development of Italian suppliers developed by Maire Tecnimont includes coaching and training activities aimed at areas such as co-engineering, product and process innovation, project management, credit management, digitalization and finalization of strategic partnerships in foreign markets.
Maire Tecnimont's Italian supplier base will be analyzed and categorized in order to identify the suppliers defined as 'champions' on the basis of the operational and strategic/sustainability criteria.




Creation of opportunities for locals and development of local workforce

training and education

Training and Education

Contribution to labor-market vocational training and support for local universities

technology transsfer

Technology Transfer

Contribution to supply-chain development for product and services in line with International standards



Procurement of goods, services and technologies from local suppliers and subcontractors

property and exports

Properties and exports

Owning of fixed assets in the host country and local contribution through export revenues


Environmental preservation

Minimization of air, land and water pollution, waste reduction and biodiversity preservation

local community benefits

Local Community benefits

Contribution to local communities through health, education, safety, site rehabilitation and economic sustainability

engagement and communication

Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

Understanding of stakeholder concerns, effective communication and creation of aligned vision

fiscal contribution

Fiscal contribution

Local contribution through tax and equity obligations in a transparent manner, preventing corruption


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