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Corporate Giving

Over time, Corporate Giving has become an increasingly valuable lever to carry the value we generate as a business player deep into the social and economic systems of the areas where we operate. This complementarity lends broader prospects to our two roles of social actor and creator of economic value, mutually enriching the contribution that we can give back to communities. Our business presence in many geographical contexts necessarily brings us closer to the needs that emerge from countries and the people who live there. But at the same time it helps us to focus our resources from a longterm perspective, concentrating our giving initiatives on education and advanced training for the generations who will lead the socio-economic development of tomorrow in these countries, but women’s empowerment at the same time, so that the potential of a community can be fully expressed, including the fundamental contribution of women to the economy in the future balance of power. We plan our giving initiatives today with tomorrow’s stakeholders always in mind. This wide-ranging vision has not, however, led us to lose sight of the historic period we have experienced in recent years, and we have also responded to emergencies with a corresponding approach when the situation required.

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Last update: 03/02/2023 21:41