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Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving is a tool that allows us to meet the social needs of the countries where we operate and provide the best resources to contribute to the development of local communities. Ours is not, however, an approach based solely on give-back: we also focus on sharing projects and skills to map out a new horizon of mutual growth.

The relationships we build at the local level also benefit from the opportunities for contact and listening created by the numerous philanthropic and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Starting from this foundation, we establish a relationship that reinforces our role of corporate citizen together with that of business player.

Through Corporate Giving activities, we enter the social fabric of every community in a direct and effective way. Whether they are non-profit organizations or institutions, interacting with those who manage the complexity of social phenomena gives us better knowledge of the communities where we operate.

This is the context of our long-standing commitment to female empowerment in disadvantaged social communities, as well as to training and development of high-level skills for the new professional profiles needed for the energy transition.

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Last update: 13/01/2022 22:45