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Territories and Communities

Global growth, local sensitivity

Our extensive global presence enables us to take part in the social development of the communities and local supply chains in the many countries where we work, including in geographical areas that are plagued by social inequity, pockets of intense poverty and low average education and unemployment levels. Maire Tecnimont has launched programs that encourage workforce development, the local procurement of goods and services and the improvement of the business environment to support the socio-economic development in our local communities.

The value we create in the countries where we operate is one of the pillars of our sustainability strategy. We believe that the best way to add to value creation on a local scale and to make our contribution in terms of corporate social responsibility is through the engineering and construction projects we execute around the world.

Given the nature of our activities, the involvement of local stakeholders requires a comprehensive approach to sustainability with the necessary sensitivity to local needs. The variety of projects and the differences between the countries in which they are implemented means we develop a distinctive local approach for each project, almost tailor made.

Local Content

The E&C sector is a major source of economic growth for many of the emerging countries in which we operate, yet historically the opportunities for local businesses and the local workforce to participate in this sector is limited.

Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving is a tool that allows us to meet the social needs of the countries where we operate and provide the best resources to contribute to the development of local communities.

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