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Value for Communities

Value for territories and communitites

We are committed to bring social and economic value to the communities and territories in which we operate through out offices, operations, and contruction sites

We create value in the areas in which we operate and opportunities for communities. 

The Group has always recognised the richness and value of diversity – of gender, age, religion, ethnicity, ability and professional background – and the fundamental contribution of each person to the corporate growth and innovation strategy. It is constantly engaged in enriching specific individual qualities and aptitudes in order to maximise its employees’ potential by promoting everyone’s participation in the creation of sustainable value, impartially and free from discrimination. This commitment is an integral part of the Code of Ethics and a constituent element of the corporate culture, as a lever to strengthen people’s motivation and engagement, as well as an opportunity to enhance creativity and innovation

Our multinational spirit has always given us the opportunity to deal with multiple geographical and socio-economic contexts. The need to listen to specific local needs has allowed us to develop a strong focus on the importance and intrinsic value as well as the business value of strong local “ecosystems” to ensure our long-term growth. Collaboration with communities, the activation of supply chains in each country and constant open dialogue with stakeholders within institutions and civil society are the cornerstones of the way we create value in the areas where we work. As well as being the right thing to do, creating value in every eco - nomic and social system is an important source of competitive ad - vantage for an international EPC player such as Maire Tecnimont.


At a time when growing and often unpredictable complexities in international situations increasingly shift the focus to dimensions of regional and local development, ensuring widespread long-term growth is of even greater strategic importance. To this end, the Group has taken concrete steps to create training opportunities for young talents in the countries where it operates, in order to lay the foundations for supporting tomorrow’s industrial systems, directed towards the energy transition. As a general engineering contractor, a local presence through our suppliers and sub-contractors means generating employment and entrepreneurship locally, stimulating local industry, but also having the opportunity to share our culture of sustainability, health and safety, and attention to human rights, concretely stimulating great - er sensitivity to areas that are not strictly economic but that ensure value creation in the long term. It is part of our responsibility as both a social actor and an industrial player to provide business opportunities and opportunities for discussion and training, to allow the most effective expression of the potential that every area can express to ensure lasting growth in keeping with the development goals that the international community has established for itself.

Last update: 03/02/2023 17:44