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Our People

Our People and the value of H&S and diversity

Commitment: Our People are at the center of our business: our commitment is to promote their safety, their well-being, professional growth, merit recognition, protecting their health and promoting equal opportunities for an authentically sustainable and inclusive organization.

Women and men who enable change, every day.

People are at the center of our sustainability strategy. The protection of their health, safety in the workplace, their well-being, professional growth, quality of life, the recognition of merit, the enhancement of everyone's talent and the guarantee of equal opportunities are all issues that represent our core values and where we have always aimed for excellence. We are aware that the current ecological and digital transition is a revolutionary transformation that requires new and diversified technical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Our women and men in the field are the enablers of the ongoing transformation and change.

Our People are the enablers of the ongoing transformation and change that defines us: therefore, the main activity of our Human Resources team is to invest in the protection of their health and safety; the promotion of their well-being and professional growth; the recognition of merit; the enhancement of each individual's talent; and to guarantee equal opportunities.

Creating good working conditions for our employees is one of our main priorities. We recognize the fundamental value of the quality of their working experience which, together with the protection and enhancement of diversity, represent essential and fundamental elements of our ethical approach to the management of Human Resources in an increasingly diverse and challenging context.

Respect for Human Rights is an essential element of the Group's vision and is one of the values underlying our actions in all the countries in which we operate. The company therefore recognizes the diversity of the countries in which it is present, of its customers, suppliers and employees, and each of them is considered for their value as a strategic human asset.

One of Maire Tecnimont's main objectives is to ensure that the business is managed appropriately, responsibly and in accordance with ethical principles.

Last update: 13/01/2022 23:58