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The value of diversity

Promoting inclusion and diversity means putting people at the center.

With operations around the world in an international and multicultural context, Diversity is a value, an opportunity, and a fundamental competitive advantage to face the challenges of the global market with the best resources possible.

We are present in 45 countries and employ people from over 70 nationalities: their enhancement is an essential and distinctive element of our sustainability policy in the medium-long term.

Unleashing the potential of people, enabling all diverse talents to contribute to the creation of sustainable value without discrimination, is more than “just” fair. It is a primary economic choice that allows us to use our human resources more efficiently, creating long-term sustainable development and a greater ability to generate innovation. We believe that each person's individuality and experience make a vital contribution to the company's development and growth strategy. This is why we invest in a diverse and heterogeneous workforce that is committed and motivated, and operates in an inclusive work environment.

Specific attention is paid to gender diversity because, in an industry like ours, it will be essential to recruit new talent in a generational turnover, raising awareness of the importance of having more women in STEM disciplines and thereby highlighting the experience of our engineering and technology professionals as role models for future specialists in the field.

Valore D: a tangible path to build an inclusive and gender-equal culture

In December 2020, Maire Tecnimont joined the group, including over 200 Italian companies, which for over 10 years has been committed to gender equality and an inclusive culture in organizations and in our country. We are part of a network that aims to put People at the center, to contribute to an integrated approach with a long-term vision, in order to build value through the inclusion and promotion of diversity, as well as gender. Joining Valore D followed on from our signing up to the Women’s Empowerment Principles defined by UN Global Compact and UN Women, in July 2020, thus expressing our broad, strong and multi-level commitment to gender equality.

Last update: 04/02/2023 00:12