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Our Commitment

“Entrepreneurship, a constant dialogue with academia and stakeholders are crucial in developing environmentally, socially and financially sustainable opportunities, both for us and the community at large.”

Di Amato
Fabrizio di Amato

Maire Tecnimont Chairman and
Major Shareholder


In the fast-changing and highly competitive Oil & Gas sector, innovation and sustainable development are crucial to creating value. All companies have taken steps to deal with the changing world in recent years, continuously focusing on technological advantages and unique competencies, implementing efficiency programs, integrating services, and seeking operational excellence. In this complex context, Maire Tecnimont has identified five strategic pillars for creating value for its stakeholders and shareholders, within the framework of the Paris Agreement and in line with the SDGs set out in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda. Maire has implemented a systemic approach to pursue efficiency, resilience and growth, integrating sustainability in every aspect of its operations, with the long-term goal of driving the energy transition and contributing to the sustainable and inclusive development of the communities where we operate.


Since 2011, the Maire Tecnimont Group incorporates the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into its strategies, policies and procedures. This means operating in ways that meet fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption embedding the UN principles into our everyday work. In 2019 the Group decided to upgrade our tier as an UN Global Compact member to “Participant” and to enter the Board of the Global Compact Network Italy as a further commitment, to orient more and more our actions as business player to major impacts in the social context we operate.


One central pillar in our sustainability strategy is NextChem – Maire Tecnimont’s energy transition business company, which already to look at the second phase of the transition. So far, the speed and scale of the energy transition has been determined mainly by technological advances in renewable energy generation, regulatory support and reduced costs of smallscale energy storage. While we expect the evolution and impact of renewable energy to continue at a sustained pace, we are already preparing for the next “phase” of change. This phase will focus on increasing the circularity and sustainability of industrial processes, reducing waste volumes, while increasing recycling and use of recycled materials in transport fuels and petrochemicals. NextChem is the dedicated technological vehicle that Maire Tecnimont has created to drive and accelerate the technological innovation necessary for a complete energy transition.



  • Improving the circularity of the economy through the recycling of plastic waste and waste-to-chemical and waste-to-fuels solutions;
  • Using biological and renewable components as raw materials for the production of chemicals, intermediates and fuels of biological origin;
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in traditional processes.

HSE Culture

We are daily committed to promote and guarantee the health and welfare of our people, the safety of our industrial plants and the protection of the environment.

Human Rights

Respecting fundamental human rights is an essential element of our vision. We recognize the diversity of the countries in which we operate and of our customers, suppliers, and employees and each is valued as a strategic asset.


In an era when environmental issues are increasing world resonance and visibility and the people is everyday more conscious about the pollution damages, we show our efforts to help the green economy, creating business and value by using recycled plastic waste to produce polymers.

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