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Our Commitment

For our Group, sustainability is an essential value and a principle that leads us to create new development opportunities in different geographical areas

We consider sustainability a cornerstone of Maire Tecnimont's value system, in both economic and ethical terms, and as a principle that leads us to create new opportunities for sustainable development in different geographical areas. We are aware that our role as a general contractor with a highly technological DNA enables us to have a strong impact on the areas in which we operate. We also play a significant role in the imminent energy transition, developing and offering new technologies in light of changing market conditions and climate change.

In recent years, the global economic landscape has changed faster than anyone could have imagined, and sustainability has increasingly become a pillar of the business decision-making process. In the meantime, we're changing as well: with the expansion of our activities, the role of Maire Tecnimont's as a social actor has become more complex and led to greater responsibilities. In light of this evolution, in 2011 we decided to support the United Nations Global Compacts.

The growing international focus on sustainability and social development, in the wake of the Paris Agreement and the launch of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016, has further increased our awareness that these objectives must be at the center of every company's daily operations. Only in this way is it possible to guarantee its implementation. After a careful analysis of our activities, we have identified the SDGs to which we can contribute the most and on which we want to commit ourselves concretely.

We're convinced we can create long-term value only if we acquire full awareness and sensitivity about the impact of our activity at all levels. We do this through a Sustainability Strategy that represents a compass for our path towards sustainable development and which focuses on clear objectives:

1. Measure the Group's value creation by applying the ESG criteria for a wider assessment of environmental, social and governance commitment.

2. Value local content, wherever we operate, whenever it's possible for our projects to do so in different forms and in various economic contexts.

3. Have an open and innovative approach to a rapidly changing market, creating more sustainable solutions for the transformation of gas and fertilizers for agriculture, developing skills on non-fossil fuels, biochemical and bioplastic products, and renewable energy generation.


The Maire Tecnimont Group considers environmental responsibility as a key factor in support of sustainability and closely connected to the ability of a business to create added and sustainable value.


The Group is committed to creating a positive workplace, at which people can work safely and focused on environmental protection.


The respect of fundamental human rights is an essential element of the Maire Tecnimont Group’s vision. The company recognizes the diversity of the countries in which it operates and of its customers, suppliers, and employees and each is valued as a strategic asset.

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