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Innovation and Value

Innovation grows where there are new paradigms to explore

Innovation has always been in our DNA, and our Group pursues innovation on several often-interconnected fronts. Each year, our investment in innovation is carried out through thousands of hours our teams spend on the implementation of plant technologies, EPC optimization, patent development, digitalization, and numerous international research projects.

We believe that an exchange between the worlds of business and research can benefit both. As "industrializers of innovation," we often collaborate with universities and research institutes, also through the joint participation in numerous European and national projects. Innovation is now a critical success factor for our management, and adopting “open innovation” collaboration systems with different actors allows us to pool the resources and competences we need to be able to develop new solutions.

Digitalization of processes has been a key focus of our investments in recent years. Our expertise in this area has become a reference point for excellence in the sector and a source of pride. It allowed us -- among other things -- to be ready for the pandemic, as we were able to continue to manage people, teams, projects, inspections and controls remotely throughout the world.

Technological innovation for sustainability requires the constant development of new ideas. The only way is to generate them is to encourage an increasing number of graduates to become experts in technologies for the energy transition. Young men and women can become inventors of new circular business models, of technological solutions for decarbonization, and the development of new technologies for reducing the environmental impact of industrial plants. We are supporting new generations as they become enablers of social inclusion, well-being, economic stability and peaceful coexistence.

Maire Tecnimont participates through NextChem in a series of international projects.

Last update: 28/11/2022 13:04