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India - Women empowerment project

The Mumbai offices are Maire Tecnimont's most renowned foreign engineering center, the real flagship in the areas of complex projects design and project management, as well as in procurement and construction management services. Over two thousand employees work here, and the headquarters are permanently coordinating an additional three thousand technicians specialized in the electro-instrumental sector.

From our deep knowledge of the issues of a fascinating but sometimes contradictory country such as India, we've committed to working with Indian women in a situation of social marginality. For some years we have invested in training opportunities, promoting their active participation in economic life. In collaboration with the local NGO CORP, we organize professional training courses able to generate quality employment and micro-female entrepreneurship (tailoring, aesthetics, teaching training, computer literacy and income production programs).

The initiative involves more than 900 women in 13 disadvantaged neighborhoods of the Mumbai metropolitan area. The program includes activities geared towards the development of professional skills, as well as training courses on women's rights and empowerment. At the same time, to provide all participants with equal opportunity to attend the courses, we provide appropriate support services, such as nursery schools for their children. The results so far are encouraging: more women have become economically independent and their spending on their children's education has increased, activating a virtuous circle with a positive long-term effect that will benefit future generations.