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Azerbaijan - Socar Polymer PP&HDPE

Maire Tecnimont has concretely responded to the request made by Azerbaijan to international companies to strengthen their commitment in terms of local content. The program aims to create jobs, support local suppliers, increase the share of Azerbaijan's participation in the sector, promote business development, accelerate the transfer of skills and technologies and prioritize the employment and training of Azerbaijani citizens. To implement these objectives, Maire Tecnimont has developed three specific programs, aimed to:

Support the education of local students through a development program carried out in collaboration with the Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). The initiative, that aims at refining the participants’ technical skills through the application of their knowledge in practical engineering cases, has allowed students to become an integral part of the team of the Azeri branch of KT-Kinetics Technology S.p.A. With this experience, students have developed technical skills, ability to make decisions and work in a multicultural team, communication, and leadership skills. The participants received more than 200 man-hours per mentorship from the KT branch and construction team.

Hire local talent to support local employment. The identification and involvement of local staff determine numerous competitive advantages for Maire Tecnimont. This way, we improve the knowledge of legislation, the market and local suppliers, communicate clearly with the local authorities and with the various technical interfaces, we can deepen relations with customers. Currently, KT employs over 30% of local staff in Azerbaijan.

Purchase from local suppliers through a purchasing team entirely dedicated to the Azerbaijan KT branch which operates on the local market involving as many Azerbaijani suppliers as possible. The result is a reduction in lead time for deliveries and greater value for the customer. We generated over 250 local purchase orders, selected more than 200 qualified suppliers and the value of local purchases was about three times the expected.