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The corporate governance of Maire Tecnimont is aligned to the international best practices on sustainability.

The “Control Risk and Sustainability Committee” is tasked among other things with assisting the Maire Tecnimont Board of Directors in evaluating all risks that are relevant to the sustainability of the long-term activities of the Company and the Group.

The “Internal Sustainability Committee”, a strategic advisory body for the Chief Executive Officer of Maire Tecnimont S.p.A., is tasked with assisting in the preparation of policies for the sustainable management of the business and of the related development programmes, guidelines and objectives including those on corporate giving, for monitoring their fulfilment, and for the analysis of interactions with stakeholders.

“Group Sustainability” is the function responsible for implementing the Group’s sustainability strategy as defined in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), for engaging with internal and external stakeholders and for planning and monitoring sustainability activities.

This function is also responsible for managing corporate giving initiatives liaising with sites where the Maire Tecnimont Group operates. In collaboration with the project teams and the regional Vice President, the function supports and coordinate the development local social engagement plans, assuring the external communication of social responsibility initiatives.

The “Sustainability Reporting” function, which reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for preparing the Group’s Sustainability Report which contains the Non-Financial Statement required by Legislative Decree 254/2016 (NFS). It is also responsible for planning and monitoring sustainability activities, in collaboration with the Corporate functions involved.

The Green Acceleration Advisory Board, which is made up of leading representatives from Industry, Finance and Academia and which serves the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, assists these bodies in developing their knowledge of the energy transition process and in consolidating the Group’s identity as a leading player in innovating the green chemistry sector.

In 2020, further steps in the process of strengthening sustainability governance led to the approval of new Maire Tecnimont Group policies that, along with the reference principles, define our vision for Sustainability, Health and Safety, Environment, Human Resources, Human Rights, Supply Chain and Quality.

Last update: 28/11/2022 10:46