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Engineering today is facing a vast challenge: learning to know and interpret scenarios that require historical paradigm shifts, in order to provide creative, innovative and effective answers to enable a future where economic growth can be combined with social needs and the protection of our planet's resources.

Succeeding in this challenge requires a transformation of classical engineering into a "humanist engineering", capable of developing assumptions that include ethical, social and environmental aspects and able to solve increasingly complex problems by applying the best innovations with a critical sense and a multidimensional vision.

All this is even in a society that is progressing towards an increasingly massive digitalization, one where creative intelligence is a vital tool to govern data and not be governed by it.

Critical sense and creative intelligence represent the backbone and the lifeblood of Italian leadership in the world; leadership that is based on ingenuity combined with a sense of beauty; a leadership that we must cultivate and know how to preserve.

This "Italian touch" distinguishes a group like Maire Tecnimont, which in recent decades has contributed to the global evolution of engineering by, operating in a visionary way. The group’s history and entrepreneurial role in creating value at a global level now inspires the activity of its new Foundation, which is intended to act as a "trait d'union" between past, present and future.

The Maire Tecnimont Foundation was born around a historical archive of seven thousand drawings and projects created by the most famous Italian engineers and architects, and will be dedicated to accompanying the training of the "humanist engineers" of tomorrow. They must be capable of contributing to the evolution of humanity by providing technological solutions of excellence, inspired by advances in technological and artificial intelligence and capable of interpreting social, ethical and environmental needs in the era of the energy transition and digitalization.

To this end, the Foundation will promote the dissemination of scientific content and socio-economic studies, along with the creation of a center of excellence for the development of skills.

The Foundation will promote knowledge of the historical heritage of the Maire Tecnimont Group, using art and culture as a means of communication and networking, and will carry out educational initiatives and projects in collaboration with universities and for the benefit of local communities.

The Foundation is non-political and non-denominational. Founding member of the Foundation is Maire Tecnimont S.p.A.

Maire Tecnimont Foundation has its registered office in Rome and operational headquarters in Milan, at Garibaldi Complex, the headquarters of Maire Tecnimont Group.

The Chairman of Maire Tecnimont Foundation is Fabrizio Di Amato.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation is composed by Gianni Bardazzi, Alessandro Bernini, Stefano Fiorini, Franco Ghiringhelli and Giovanni Sale.

Sole Auditor: Francesco Fallacara.

General Secretary: Simona Dolce.

General Manager: Ilaria Catastini.

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