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The energy transition

We chart new trajectories for the energy transition

As an enabler of the energy transition, our Group accompanies customers towards an industrial economy powered by renewable, clean and biogenic sources. We chart new trajectories. In the most hard-to-abate sectors like oil & gas, petrochemicals and steel, we harness our innovations to improve the emissions of existing plants and replace traditional fossil-fuel based plants with green technologies.

We work at the new frontiers of biochemistry, electrochemistry and waste chemistry. We are innovating the green chemistry market with new technologies that have a lower environmental impact and lower carbon dioxide emissions, with a strong push towards electrification of processes and techniques for CO2 capture and recovery. We aim for a sustainable use of gas (including through the collection and reuse of associated gas) and the development of increasingly sustainable forms of hydrogen.

The energy transition calls for reducing the carbon footprint. This means shifting to fuels that come from biogenic rather than fossil sources, or come from the recovery of waste materials and biomass.

We are committed to improving the energy and emissions performance of our traditional plant technologies, and are developing targeted value engineering and other mitigation projects to cope with the impact of our construction sites.

Visit the NextChem website, Maire Tecnimont’s subsidiary operating in the field of green chemistry and technologies for the Energy Transition.

Last update: 03/02/2023 17:34