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Stakeholder Engagement

Sharing a goal makes reaching the goal closer

Identifying, engaging and enhancing the value of stakeholder relationships that can help us achieve our sustainable growth goals is crucial.

That's why we establish an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders to get their feedback on the most important sustainability issues, and discuss how we can best integrate these issues into our business and management activities.

We have seeking input from stakeholders since 2017, with the aim of identifying our Group's priorities for action, which issues require additional study, and how to improve our engagement. We use this feedback and other criteria to conduct an analysis of material issues, based on the guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Communication on Progress (COP) principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

The analysis identifies issues of fundamental importance to Maire Tecnimont Group and its stakeholders that management can incorporate into its strategy to create long-term value.

During 2020, in addition to the involvement of stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, investors, NGOs, we held our first workshop with a panel of employees attended by one hundred people connected from four continents. This panel, in addition to being asked to define a scale of priorities for the Group's material issues, took part in a discussion on risks, opportunities and actions about themes that are crucial for the Group: climate change and energy transition; the value of diversity; social responsibility and value for the communities where we operate; centrality of people, value of diversity; and innovation.

The result of this analysis is summarized in the materiality matrix, which depicts the importance our Group and our stakeholders each attribute to the various issues chosen for examination.

In 2020 due to the pandemic, interaction with our stakeholders changed in some respects. Thanks to technology, we were able to expand our reach to a greater number of stakeholders, in more geographical areas. These more flexible tools have transformed our way of communicating, both during events and in moments of daily dialogue. In 2020 we held 20 corporate events, over 70 webinars and industry conferences, talks and international conventions, and carried out extensive outreach through our communications office via our social media channels.

Last update: 17/06/2021 01:46