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With the aim of enhancing the Azerbaijani economy in terms of job creation, supplier support, local business development, transferring know-how to locals, Maire Tecnimont has implemented a Local Content strategy to develop its business with a long-term vision through:

  • ­ development and training programs to improve the quality of the workforce, sharing know- how and developing specific skills; ­
  • creating relationships and cooperation with local educational institutions to increase the recognition of the Group at universities to attract the best students.

An important part of the Local Content strategy is the Development Program, in collaboration with Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), where the participants receive mentoring sessions from the Office and Site teams of local Group’s subsidiaries, together with an intensive Italian course, allowing them to understand the main line of communication with headquarters.

In 2018-2019, the course participants, 100% of which were women, joined the team as Junior Project Engineers. Furthermore students had the opportunity to participate in a post-diploma summer school focused on green chemistry and technology.

Talent Acquisition

Employing local workers in Maire Tecnimont projects enriches the diversity of the Group’s workforce, offers young talents from around the world the opportunity to grow professionally in their own country and enables the Group to establish and maintain relations with host countries.

At the end of the financial year, the Group branch in Azerbaijan employed locally over the 25% of the staff. With reference to the TCM-KT JV Azerbaijan project, as at 31 December 2019, local staff amounted to around 55% of the total. Furthermore, in relation to gender composition, the females working at the offices of the Branch represented the 85% of the total staff.

Procurement Scenario

In 2019, Maire Tecnimont has participated in 26 th Caspian Oil & Gas Exhibition in Baku. Over 100 Azerbaijani oil and gas sector companies and Maire Tecnimont representatives have met with over 200 people.

Maire Tecnimont works proactively with local suppliers and subcontractors to ensure excellent quality and competitiveness, while establishing its local footing and generating value for Azerbaijan. For this reason, since 2016, Maire Tecnimont Group has had a Procurement Team entirely dedicated to the Azerbaijani branch and in charge of all local market procurement.

Number of qualified vendors: 200+ Value of the local procurement: approximately €400 Mln

Cultural Events

Since 2016, Maire Tecnimont co-sponsored in Baku 200+ cultural events on Italian culture to spread Italian cultures to Azerbaijani people and to support a mutual sharing of cultures between the two Countries.

University Collaboration

Maire Tecnimont actively support top education in Azerbaijan by teaching at master’s in business administration, one co-organized with Geneva Business School, “Financial Management” and “Change and Innovation Management” courses




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