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Work-life balance

Be Adaptive!

Our Be Adaptive! Working Smart in Maire Tecnimont Group Program allows our People to maximize their autonomy and their capability to achieve the required results shared with the managers, through modalities that promote accountability, sense of initiative in the management of assigned activities, and a balance between the needs of private and professional life.

Our model of Smart Working is distinguished by an innovative and distinctive approach: our People, benefiting from extreme flexibility, combine their work activities in the office - opportunity to meet in person with colleagues - with days in which they can choose the most suitable place from which to carry out their tasks, in agreement with the managers.

"Smart working is an opportunity to improve planning of the activities. It requires more responsibility from workers and promotes input creation."

Massimo - CAE Systems Department

"Digital evolution shortens distances: the use of information systems guarantees inclusion and redefines the concept of an office, no longer a physical structure, but a virtual collaboration space."

Stefano - ICT Department

"Agile working can pave the way towards real gender equality at work: changing processes means rewarding the result-oriented approach."

Laura - Procurement Department, Orpic Oman task force

MAIRE4YOU, a customizable Flexible Benefits Plan

For Maire Tecnimont is fundamental to demonstrate through action the importance of taking care of the well-being of our People. That is why, under the wider 2016-2018 Engagement and Incentive Policy, a Flexible Benefits Plan called MAIRE4YOU was launched, in line with the most innovative remuneration policies.    
This Plan provides to the beneficiaries a personal fund of Flexible Benefits within a wide range of services. They include the reimbursement of medical and education expenses or mortgage interest, the financing of  complementary pension plans, the access to various goods and services and purchase vouchers. The beneficiaries can access this personal fund through a dedicated platform, which allows the creation of a goods and services package capable of meeting their personal and family needs while optimizing the spending capacity thanks to tax contributions provided by the Italian law.

Last update: 28/11/2022 10:06