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Our Way of Working

Our stories tell about large plants and investments, multi-year projects, technological challenges, even in distant places, which involve hundreds of our People, each one with specific skills and professionalism; task forces assigned to projects made cohesive thanks to tenacity, focus on target and team spirit.

To manage all these large projects and do our best to face and make the best out of each opportunity, we create ad hoc project organizations by assigning resources with different backgrounds. The goal is to deploy the most effective, competent and complete team with regard to the specific project needs, with a set of different and complementary professional experiences.

These are just some of the elements that make our way of working unique, together with other key factors that drive Maire Tecnimont towards excellence:

High-performance challenges and team spirit

We work on unique, challenging, complex projects within a Group of People who share the same goal.

Open minds

This organizational approach to projects makes minds open to every input, allows us to acquire a multidisciplinary vision while enhancing our specific expertise, pushes towards a daily dialogue with all the people assigned to task force.

Personalized professional growth

Professional growth is guaranteed by the centers of competence of every discipline and by the Departments, which take care of People assignment to projects and their training and development.

Dynamic work

Our People follow all the phases of the realization of a plant, from the design to the start-up. This guarantees a dynamic and never repetitive activity, as well as the direct involvement on the projects day-by-day.

We are adaptive

The world, the technologies, and the way of conceiving space and time change quickly: we too. We are adaptive towards the challenges that the market and the contexts in which we operate bring, because we take them as growth opportunities and moments of reflection on the way we work.

This is part of our Be Adaptive! Working Smart in Maire Tecnimont Group Program, that allows our People to maximize their operational autonomy and their capability to achieve the required results shared with the managers, through modalities that promote accountability, sense of initiative in the management of assigned activities, and a balance between the needs of private and professional life.

Our model of Smart Working is distinguished by an innovative and distinctive approach: our People, benefiting from extreme flexibility, combine their work activities in the office - opportunity to meet in person with colleagues - with days in which they can choose the most suitable place from which to carry out their tasks, in agreement with the managers. Maire Tecnimont accompanies its People along this important change by activating specific training and development phaths tailored to the different roles, aimed at encouraging the transition to the new work approach and to fully exploit the potential deriving from the ongoing Group's digital transformation.


Last update: 28/11/2022 10:03