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Our Group

The world is our city: we operate in 40 countries, through 50 companies and offices in India, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Uk, Japan, Chile, Egypt, Mexico, Czech Republic, Netherland, Nigeria, Russia, Oman, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Brasil, Usa.

This means we have the capability to be competitive on a global level, in any location, even in the most extreme conditions.

We are a team of 8,000 people, with a highly technological identity; we are a multicultural Group in continuous growth and an international leader in the fields of Engineering & Construction (E & C), Technology & Licensing, Energy Business Development & Ventures with specific skills in plant engineering, mainly in the hydrocarbon sector (Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refining and Fertilizers) and in Power Generation.

Our interest in renewable energy is constantly growing and we are ready to play a leading role in the Renewable & Green sector.

Our agile, flexible and international business model allows us to create innovative models and solutions for processes and technological developments.

We have managed to achieve important results thanks to the People who work with us: women and men who, with passion, courage, expertise and team spirit are able to overcome every challenge, everywhere.

Last update: 30/03/2020 03:22