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Human Capital and Diversity

The world is our city: we operate in 45 countries, through 50 companies and offices in India, Italy, Germany, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Uk, Japan, Chile, Egypt, Mexico, Czech Republic, Netherland, Nigeria, Russia, Oman, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Brasil, Usa.

This means we have the capability to be competitive on a global level, in any location, even in the most extreme conditions.

We are a team of over 9.000 people, with a highly technological identity; we are a multicultural Group in continuous growth and an international leader in the fields of Engineering & Construction (E & C), Technology & Licensing, Energy Business Development & Ventures with specific skills in plant engineering, mainly in the hydrocarbon sector (Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refining and Fertilizers) and in Power Generation.

We have a leading role in the Green Chemistry & Renewable sector.

Our agile, flexible and international business model allows us to create innovative models and solutions for processes and technological developments.

We have managed to achieve important results thanks to the People who work with us: women and men who, with passion, courage, expertise and team spirit are able to overcome every challenge, everywhere.


In 2019, our workforce grew by more than 200 employees compared to the previous year, increasing to 6,347 employees, 82.7% of which are permanent employees. Women’s presence increased by about 8% and female employees represented 20% of the total workforce in 2019. Gender diversity in our group was in line with the average for the reference sector (European O&G Services) in 2019.

We are working to further reduce the gender gap and increase the number of female colleagues, especially among

«middle managers» and «executives», where, already in 2019, there was an increase of 14% and 2%, respectively, compared to the previous year. In this respect, for instance, we have launched specific programs aimed at supporting female colleagues returning from maternity leaves. During 2019, the overall employee turnover ratio – measuring how many people we hired with permanent contracts versus how many people left the company – was only 6.9%.

Focusing on the professional growth of young human resources, we have also kept recruiting young people and recent graduates as apprentices in Italy and India, where governments allow programs combining work with training and skill development.

In 2019, we hired a total of 80 apprentices – 52 in Italy and 28 in India – 71% of whom began their career with us in various engineering disciplines. Our focus on young people also extends to their academic development, before they enter the job market.   That’s why we have confirmed a series of fruitful collaborations with schools, research institutes and universities, in particular with the Politecnico di Milano, resulting in 44 internships lasting an average of 5 months, 20 of which at our TCMPL Indian subsidiary, 20  at various Italian companies of our group and 4 at our Stamicarbon Dutch subsidiary.

As valuing individual diversity is central to our Group’s Code of Ethics and our hires often have very different cultural and ethnic origins, we have further strengthened our diversity focus through a new

«Human Resources» policy.

This new policy will be submitted for approval in 2020 and, as further proof of our group’s commitment, we have decided to set up a «diversity and inclusion» committee that will involve representatives of all the main subsidiaries.

The nationalities already represented in our group in 2018 increased to 79 when new hires from Angola, Algeria, Croatia and Nigeria joined us last year. Such international representation is also essential to increase our local content across the world, facilitating both our acquisition of new contracts and the smooth executions of existing projects.

For instance, local staff employed in Engineering Centers and existing projects in India and Russia/Caspian Region are equal to 99% and 62% respectively.

Last update: 26/09/2022 11:22