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Our Group pursues the ideals of efficiency and talent that over the years have evolved into a deeply rooted and strong culture.

Maire Tecnimont's main asset is its Human Capital. Therefore, our success depends on our People and on their way of working in Maire Tecnimont. In our Group, working on different projects, with teams and task forces dedicated to their realization, the value creation is closely related to single individual actions that are inspired by our corporate beliefs.

Maire Tecnimont's Mottos are the principles that identify our corporate culture, enhancing it as guide and support of our daily work.

The Mottos, widespread in our offices and sites all over the world, stimulate the every day entrepreneurship of each of us, promoting to:

  • be proactive in order to contribute to change and to the achieving of excellence in the adoption of new and highly innovative paradigms;
  • experience challenges and uncertainty as a physiological element of our work, with the belief that the experience in handling them can allow us to overcome any obstacle;
  • make decisions promptly, since everyone's contribution makes a difference;
  • beat the bureaucratic approach whenever there is the risk of creating an internal obstacle or inhibiting our entrepreneurship;
  • literally leave the doors open, proactively intervene and realize concrete actions;
  • develop and always increase agility in adapting to market changes in order to seize every opportunity;
  • remember that we have overcome adversity thanks to our resilience, and recognize that the key to the success of our Group is the contribution that everyone can give, like an entrepreneur in a network of entrepreneurs who create shared value;
  • never lose sight of the Group's growth path, because our tomorrow is now.
Last update: 03/02/2023 23:15