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Working in Maire Tecnimont

Our Group

The world is our workplace: we operate in 40 countries, through 50 companies. This means we have the capability to be competitive on a global level, in any location, even in the most extreme conditions.                                                                                        

Our Values

Maire Tecnimont is based on a set of values and behaviours that the Group acknowledges as main drivers of its culture and as key elements which inspire each employee during the daily activities.

Our way of working

The world, the technologies, and the way of conceiving space and time chenge quickly: we too. We are adaptive towards the challenges that the market and the contexts in which we operate bring, because we take them as growth opportunities and moments of reflection on the way we work. 


Maire Tecnimont's main asset is its Human Capital. Therefore, our success depends on our People and on their way of working in Maire Tecnimont. In our Group, working on different projects, with teams and task forces dedicated to their realization, the value creation is closely related to single individual actions.

Our excellences

Maire Tecnimont's history is based on the great petrochemical tradition of Giulio Natta, Nobel Prize winner for chemistry and inventor of the polypropylene. The Group complemented this engineering excellence with a second soul of innovation and technology.

Work-life balance

For Maire Tecnimont is fundamental to demonstrate through action the importance of taking care of the well-being of our People. This is why, under the wider 2016-2018 Engagement and Incentive Policy, a Flexible Benefits Plan was launched. 

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