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Why choose Maire Tecnimont?

Maire Tecnimont is a best in class reality which competes in challenging and innovative scenarios

Serena and the Smart Helmet


Jayalekshmi - Layout & Piping Dept. - Mumbai

“Astonishing team spirit, exceptional engineering with target-oriented approach, people-centered.”

Vineed - Administration Dept. - Oman

"Leading, tenacious, best-in-class.”

Lucrezia - Technology Solution Design Dept. - Milan

“Proactive, innovative, inspiring.”

Davide - Civil & Structural Dept. - Milan

“Enterprising, fresh, dynamic.”

Nadia - Contract Management Head of Department - Milan

"Dynamic, Passionate, Result driven"

Pramod - Construction Operations Head of Department - Mumbai

“Technology-driven, innovative & agile, employee oriented organization.”

Last update: 03/02/2023 17:26