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Training & Development

Competence and excellence: our programs

As a Group we have an unceasing goal: to improve. That's why we offer our people a wide choice of training opportunities focusing on several areas. These range from technical-specialist skills to the improvement of Project Management techniques, and include risk management and analysis, contracts, and economic and financial issues.

We promote managerial and communication skills with professional development programs focused on leadership, effective behavior, negotiation and team-working.

In parallel, we work constantly to strengthen diversity awareness through training courses dedicated to intercultural values, which also facilitate new working relationships. Our training programs are closely linked to the Group's Performance Management process and Employee Performance Commitment. This allows us to carry out analysis on each person’s behaviors, technical skills and results, as well as to define individual development plans to strengthen skills, abilities and the relationship between managers and employees.



MET Academy

We launched a new digital program, the "MET Academy", which offers online training opportunities that are easily accessible to all employees. With this platform, we can promote and transfer the Group's know-how to all staff.

Through the "MET Academy," employees can tap into the company's extensive knowledge base. They can find information and tools for professional development, also for new recruits, which help to understand the culture and the specifics of the organization: from our Code of Ethics to the origins and history of the Group.

The first 200 training sessions are already available, thanks to an inter-company collaboration that has allowed us to create and reorganize the Group's content.

Health, Safety and the Environment

We involve all our people, whether they work at the Group's offices or on the sites, in an intensive HSE training program to improve their knowledge of health, safety and the environment, with training tailored to their role and duties. We strive to ensure that all employees know and understand the Management System and the HSE Policy, the main hazards and risks present at sites and yards, preventive measures to be taken, and emergency procedures, and that these tools become an integral part of everyone's professional background.

We encourage the development of socially responsible practices in the workplace and, more generally, in the management of work activities by promoting training initiatives dedicated to developing awareness of Social Responsibility and Human Rights.


Last update: 04/02/2023 00:12