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Engage and Inspire

Human capital is our group’s key asset. We have always recognized the strategic importance of our people in facing the most challenging opportunities and reaching our objectives

People who are passionate about their work, with solid and expanding skills, who share the company’s objectives, are the key to our success.
We have built our achievements on the abilities, sense of belonging and commitment of People working together, sharing company objectives and taking pride in joint results.
The complex nature of the activities and services we carry out makes it essential to attract, involve, motivate and retain the best people. We constantly implement communication, training and development programs to reinforce our values, culture and distinctive skills among employees. We are committed to guarantee them professional growth opportunities, contributing to both their personal goals and our Group results. In all Group companies, we promote and incentivise performance by closely linking individual, project, corporate and group objectives and outcomes.
Recognition of the merits and skills of our People remain the cornerstone of our success. We strive to support our people in their professional growth, clearly defining roles, responsibilities and objectives, giving them the tools and creating the conditions so they can perform at their best.
Our Group periodically carries out its strategic resource planning to ensure that human resources are consistent with its needs in terms of skills and competencies. We are also very careful to comply with the labour laws and regulations of the various countries where we operate, as well as with the International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions on workers’ rights, like freedom of association and collective bargaining, consultation, right to strike, etc. In this respect, we keep an open dialogue with labour representatives, constantly seeking an adequate level of agreement and sharing our corporate objectives and strategies. Finally, we are constantly striving to ensure that each of our employees feels valued for his or her specificity and distinctive skills, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, social background or physical attributes.

Jayalekshmi - Layout & Piping Dept. - Layout & Piping Dept.

Jayalekshmi - Layout & Piping Dept. - Mumbai

"The most unique factors of the Group culture are teamwork, gender equality and respect and safety for women which create a pleasant work environment and atmosphere, as well as open-mindedness in accepting ideas from all levels."

Vineed - Administration Dept. - Administration Dept.

Vineed - Administration Dept. - Oman

"Professional growth and delegation are our Group priorities. «The floor is ours» are the magic words shared by our visionary management. This makes our Company a great place to work, together with a strong culture which offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards People’s efforts, and ensures that everyone knows their work is meaningful. Moreover, there is always an open door policy endorsed by the management."

Lucrezia - Technology Solution Design Dept. - Technology Solution Design Dept.

Lucrezia - Technology Solution Design Dept. - Milan

"The Group gives me the opportunity to work on relevant and strategic projects, interacting with worldwide experts and other leading companies. I like to bring my contribution to the success of the Company while enlarging my horizons, improving my skills, and creating new networks."

Why choose

Maire Tecnimont?

Maire Tecnimont is a best in class reality which competes in challenging and innovative scenarios

People at the center

In Maire Tecnimont we invest in the development and growth of our people. They are our main asset and allow us to achieve great results

The world is our city

The 'Made in Italy' engineering is enhanced by the expertise of 40 different Countries

We are adaptive

From tundra to deserts, we handle projects in the most extreme enviroments. Our adaptability allows us to respond with agility to change and transformation

Result driven

Thanks to our people, we achieve challenging goals and realize incredible projects

Our Values

Maire Tecnimont is based on a set of values and behaviours that the Group acknowledges as main drivers of its culture...
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Our excellences

The Group's history is based on the great petrochemical tradition of Giulio Natta, Nobel Prize winner for chemistry and inventor of the polypropylene...
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Work-life balance

Our Program Be Adaptive! Working Smart in Maire Tecnimont Group allows our People to maximize their autonomy...
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Career Opportunities

“We look for a wide range of professionals from all over the world. Apply to join our multicultural team”

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