• The Group presents NextChem, a company dedicated to the new technologies for the energy transition market  
  • €50 million EBITDA expected in 2023 from the NEXTCHEM initiative;
  • €50 million invested in the last 5 years in over 70 innovation projects;
  • Solid growth of the reference market of all the initiatives related to the energy transition worldwide: €120 billion estimated in 2025 (from €40 billion in 2018);
  • Agreement with ENEA to develop initiatives related to technological innovation and circular economy
  • Created the Advisory Board for the Green Acceleration project. 

Milan, 27 novembre 2018 – Today, during the event “NEXTCHEM - Maire Tecnimont for innovation”, Maire Tecnimont presents its  Green Acceleration project, and launches a new business unit through a dedicated vehicle, NextChem, which will manage 19 technological  initiatives for the energy transition, to best address new market dynamics. Carbon Footprint reduction, Circular Economy, new bio-based products and feedtstocks: the energy industry paradigm is evolving, and subsequentely the reference market related to the energy transition sector is expanding, showing a compound annual growth rate higher than 15%. This market is worth approximately €40 billion, and is expected to triple within 2025. All industry main players, both producers and buyers of plastics, are shifting towards recycling and bioplastics, while big oil companies are reviewing their investment plans in view of decarbonization.    Maire Tecnimont has already invested approximately €50 million in the laast 5 years in more than 70 innovation projects, also through investments focused on start-ups and partnerships, in order to build a technology portfolio to best address the new requirements of the ongoing revolution in the energy and chemical industries. Such a portfolio is composed by a series of initiatives aimed at: 

• GREENING THE BROWN: mitigating the environemtnal impacts of the tecnhologies used for hydrocarbons transformation. The first objective is to maximize the technologies to mitigate the environmental impact of the processes to produce fuels and derivatives, through for instance desulfurization projects and CO2-free processes.

• CIRCULAR ECONOMY: implementing mechanical recycling of plastics, and promote chemical recycling. Currently, 95% of the value of packaging plastics, which equals to some 80-120 billion dollars a year, is economically lost and as many as 8 million tons of plastic are released into the oceans each year. In addition to promoting chemical recycling, Maire Tecnimont is already actively involved in mechanical recycling, through its first plant for the production of regenerated polymers in Lombardy.

• GREEN - GREEN: identifying additives or oil substitutes for the production of fuels and plastics from renewable sources, and industrializing the production of bioplastics. The Group has already developed a series of initiatives to produce biofuels and bioplastics from renewable sources, such as agricultural waste. A rapidly growing market which is expected to increase production by 50% in just 5 years (from 4 million tons produced in 2016, to 6 million tons expected by 2021). Thanks to its high know-how in the construction of plants, Maire Tecnimont already has the ability to boost the process of industrialization of bioplastics, moving from laboratory innovations, to pilot plants, up to industrial scale plants.

The Group has identified these initiatives by acting as a technologist and a plant engineering contractor: therefore is able to develop, industrialize and commercialize new solutions deriving from validated technologies, and then fill the gap between lab and industrialization: thanks to its technological DNA and its leadership in the transformation of natural resources, Maire Tecnimont can act on the innovation curve with the right timing, to be the technological and industrial partner of choice in driving the on-going energy transition. €50 million EBITDA is expected in 2023 from the NEXTCHEM initiative.

In this context, Maire Tecnimont signs today an agreement with ENEA, the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, with the aim of implementing projects in the field of green chemistry and the circular economy.  

To support its Green Acceleration, Maire Tecnimont has also created an Advisory Board, composed of Carlos Cabrera, Genomatica Executive President; Gaetano Miccichè, Chairman of Banca IMI; Andrea Prencipe, Rector LUISS; Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the Polytechnic University of Milan; Elena Zambon, President of Zambon Spa. Maire Tecnimont's Green Acceleration wil be the focus of a round table moderated by Fabio Tamburini, Il Sole 24 ORE's Editor-in-chief, Radiocor and Radio24, and participated also by Mauro Micillo, Head of the Corporate and Investment Banking Division of Intesa Sanpaolo and CEO of Banca IMI, and Josko Bobanovic, Sofinnova Partner. 

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