• Total dividend of approximately 14.4 million euro approved (payout of 33% of consolidated net profit)
  • Adoption of a Performance Share Plan and Employee Share Plan approved
  • Chairman Fabrizio Di Amato confirmed and new nine-member Board of Directors elected with five independent members
  • Section One of the Remuneration Report pursuant to Art. 123-ter of Legislative Decree 58/98 approved

Milan, 27 April 2016 – The Shareholders' Meetingof Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. met today in ordinary session, in first call, under Chairman Fabrizio Di Amato and approved all orders items on the agenda.

In detail, the Shareholders' Meeting approved the financial statements at and for the year ended 31 December 2015 of Maire Tecnimont S.p.A., which present a net profit of 18.5 million euro, a proposed total dividend of approximately 14.4 million euro (payout of 33% of consolidated net profit) and the adoption of aPerformance Share Plan and Employee Share Ownership Plan, both aimed at involving human capital in increasing the Group's value and fostering the alignment of the interests of shareholders and stakeholders, in view of the pursuit of the Group's strategic objectives.

The Shareholders' Meeting also resolved to appoint the Company's new Board of Directors, which will remain in office until the approval of the financial statements at and for the year ended 31 December 2018, composed of: Luigi Alfieri, Gabriella Chersicla, Fabrizio Di Amato, Stefano Fiorini, Pierroberto Folgiero, Vittoria Giustiniani, Andrea Pellegrini and Patrizia Riva – drawn from the list submitted by the majority shareholder GLV Capital S.p.A. – and Maurizia Squinzi – drawn from the minority list submitted jointly by several funds identified by name in the list filed.

The Shareholders' Meeting also confirmed Fabrizio Di Amato in the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors. Directors Gabriella Chersicla, Vittoria Giustiniani, Andrea Pellegrini, Patrizia Riva and Maurizia Squinzi declared that they satisfied the independence requirements established by the law and the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies. Maire Tecnimont's new Board of Directors thus includes four members of the less represented gender.

The Shareholders' Meeting appointed the new Board of Statutory Auditors, which will remain in office until the approval of the financial statements at and for the year ended 31 December 2018, composed of: Francesco Fallacara (Chairman), drawn from the minority list, and Giorgio Loli and Antonia Di Bella (Standing Statutory Auditors), both drawn from the majority list. The Alternate Statutory Auditors Massimiliano Leoni and Roberta Provasi were drawn from the majority list, whereas Alternate Statutory Auditor Andrea Lorenzatti was appointed from the minority list.

The curricula vitae of the members of the Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors will be available on the Company's website, www.mairetecnimont.com, in the Governance section.

Finally, the Shareholders' Meeting voted in favour of Section One of the Remuneration Report prepared in accordance with Art. 123-ter of Legislative Decree 58 of 24 February 1998 (the "Consolidated Law on Finance").


In accordance with Art. IA.2.1.1. of the Instructions for the Regulations of Borsa Italiana, Maire Tecnimont would like to announce that:

i)      the detachment of the coupon no. 2, relevant to the dividend based on the 2015 year’s profit is set for 2 May 2016, with payment from 4 May 2016;

ii)     the dividend is of 0.047 euro, gross of any legally mandated withholding, per each share outstanding at the date the coupon is detached;

iii)   pursuant to Art. 83-terdecies of the Consolidated Law on Finance, dividend entitlement will be determined on the basis of the accounts of the intermediary set out in Art. 83-quater (3) of the Consolidated Law on Finance at the end of the accounting day of 3 May 2016(recorddate).


The minutes of Maire Tecnimont's Shareholders' Meeting will be made available to the public according to the terms and conditions established in applicable legislation.

Dario Michelangeli, in his capacity as Manager responsible for preparing corporate accounting documents, hereby declares, pursuant to Art. 154-bis (2) of Legislative Decree 58/1998 ("Consolidated Law on Finance"), that the accounting information contained in this press release coincides with the documented results, books and accounting entries.

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A.

Maire Tecnimont S.p.A, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, is the parent company of a leading global industrial group (Maire Tecnimont Group) operating in the sectors of Engineering & Construction (E&C), Technology & Licensing and Energy Business Development & Ventures, with specific expertise in plant engineering particularly in the hydrocarbon industry (oil & gas, petrochemicals, fertilizers), as well as in power generation and infrastructure. The Maire Tecnimont Group operates in approximately 30 countries, has about 45 operating companies and employs roughly 4,600 people, more than half abroad. For more information: www.mairetecnimont.com.

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