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The Group aims to maintain its market leading position, continue to grow its operations and enhance its profitability by focusing on its core business in the Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas Refining, and Fertilizers sectors, leveraging on its distinctive competencies, driven by its unparalleled technological leadership. The Group’s strategy to achieve these objectives includes the following key priorities

• Enhance and Develop the Group’s Technology-Driven Business.

The Group endeavors to enhance and develop its technology-driven business model, which differentiates it from traditional generalist contractors and which has enabled it to become one of the largest global operators in licensing urea plants and urea granulation technology, hydrogen technology, sulfur recovery technology and tail gas treatment technology. Over the last few years, the Group has expanded its technology portfolio to over 1,200 patents, both through in-house innovations (such as, for instance the nitric acid), as well as by purchasing a stake in technology companies. 

• Strengthen Technology EPC in the Core Business.

The Group leadership position and distinctive competencies have allowed us to expand the EPC business with a higher technology content. The Group pursues technology EPC contracts in the Petrochemicals, Oil& Gas Refining, and Fertilizer sectors on a stand-alone basis in countries where it has a track record, and where the construction risk can be properly managed and remunerated. Absent one of these criteria, the Group tends to team up with an industrial partner, typically a construction company that has a proven track record in that particular country or geographical area and has the capabilities to manage the construction process reliably and profitably.

 Increase Project Development Initiatives.

The Group intends to pursue initiatives to encourage investments as a means of entry into new geographic markets, validate the industrial viability of new technologies, assist potential customers during the initial phases of project definition and development, and provide support in all decisional stages prior to the selection of a licensor or a general contractor for the construction works. The Group’s Project Development activities are carried out by a team of professionals with solid technical, financial and legal background that allow the Group to cover all phases of a project, from technological and financial feasibility studies to construction and commissioning, particularly in the field of fertilizers and new technologies. If economic and financial conditions are met, the Group will also assess the possibility of carrying out minority investments in the initiatives it helps to develop, on a selective and limited basis.

• Develop the Group Presence in Green Chemistry.

Green chemistry is a relatively new emerging field that strives to achieve economic sustainability while minimizing the environmental impact on people and the planet as a design criterion. Under this term the Group includes a wide range of manufacturing processes, where renewable, non-fossil feedstocks are used, the process has low impact on environment and is characterized by even low levels of energy consumption. It is quite clear that such an approach covers the entire spectrum of chemical processes which are going to be redesigned reducing the amount of energy needed, suppressing wastes as much as possible, increasing efficiencies and using renewable materials instead of petroleum feedstock or natural gas. Furthermore the Group aims to be active in the field of mechanical and chemical recycling, and the production of hydrogen and chemicals from waste.

• Expand the Geographic Footprint.

In addition to the markets where the Group has been operating for several decades, such as Europe, the CIS, the Middle East, and Northern Africa, the Group seeks to further expand its presence in markets with strong growth prospects in the industries it serves. In this respect, over the last few years it has increased its presence in South-East Asia, an area which has demonstrated excellent growth prospect in Oil & Gas Downstream sectors. 


• Our focus is on Downstream and Gas Transformation, not Upstream

• Flexible business model

• Asset light: no idleness

• Leverage on our strong technological IPs

• Client diversification (NOCs and IOCs)

• Global approach with focus on specific geographies

• Contribute to a sustainable economy

Our Group is Well Positioned to Face the Current Environment





Last update: 03/02/2023 23:44