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Late 19th century

Three pioneers of the Italian industry are born: Edison (in 1883), Montecatini (in 1888) and Fiat (in 1889). These industrial groups’ engineering divisions are at the core of the current Maire Tecnimont Group.


Giulio Natta wins the Chemistry Nobel Prize for the invention of polypropylene, thanks to the collaboration between the Polytechnic of Milan and Montecatini.

1971 - 1973

Three Italian engineering companies are born: Selas Italia (in 1971), which will later become KTI; Fiat Engineering (in 1972), formerly Servizio e Costruzioni Impianti within the Fiat Group; and Tecnimont (1973), part of the Montedison Group

2004 - 2007

Two key acquisitions take place: Fiat Engineering (in 2004) and Tecnimont (in 2005), which are the founding blocks of Maire Tecnimont Group. Listing on the Milan Stock Exchange occurs in November 2007.

2008 - 2010

The Group expands internationally, completing the acquisitions of Tecnimont ICB in India (in 2008), Stamicarbon (Holland, in 2009), and Technip KTI (in 2010), today KT - Kinetics Technology.

2011 - 2015

The Group's turnaround is executed: a new Top Management steps in, the Group’s activities are streamlined around its core business, and the financial structure is strengthened.

2016 - 2018

A new phase for its business growth: the Group pursues a technology-driven strategy in the areas of hydrocarbon transformation, while gradually expanding into renewable energies and green chemistry.

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