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Maire Tecnimont Group has a strong and flexible financial structure. Our objective is to meet our short and medium to long term financial needs through different sources of funding in order to maintain a solid and efficient capital structure.

Our Financial Debt is mainly composed of the following debt instruments:


Name ISIN Outstanding Amount (€m) Coupon Type Maturity
Bond 2018-2024 XS1800025022 165.0 2.625% Bullet Apr-24


Euro Commercial Paper (ECP) Program

On December 16, 2021 the Group launched an ECP programme. For further information please click here


European Commercial Paper


Outstanding Amount


Coupon Maturity
European Commercial Paper with 13.1 0.977%(1) 1-6 months

*As of 30 September 2022
(1) Average Rate of the different commercial paper outstanding within the ECP program which allows for a maximun outstanding plafond of EUR 150 Million


Bank Debt and Project Financing


Outstanding Amount

(€m) *

Rate Type Maturity
Italy Guarantee Backed Loan 342.2 Euribor 3M + 1.7% (1) Amortizing Jul-26
Syndacated Loan 115.0 Euribor 6M + 1.7% Amortizing Jun-23
ESG-Linked Schuldschein Loan 62.5 Euribor 6M + 2.3% (2) Bullet(3) Dec-22 /Dec-24
Project Financing - Non recourse 7.8 n.d. (4) Amortizing Aug-29

* As of 30 September 2022

(1) Not Including the cost of the Sace Guarantee
(2) Average Rate. The cost may vary, up or down, in relation to the achievement of the Group's CO2 emission reduction targets
(3) The istrument is divided in two tranches.
(4) n.d.- Not Disclosed

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