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Opening the door to the energy transition

Opening the door to the energy transition

The next decade will be crucial. The energy transition becomes more urgent every year, and the effects of climate change increasingly visible. Companies have a key role to play in leading and coordinating joint global efforts: they must cooperate to produce significant improvements.

Over the past 10 years, growing awareness of the risk of global warming has led us to strengthen our core engineering competencies and invest in new energy mixes. The goal is to meet the needs of the energy transition with continued research into technologies for industrial use.


Contribute to a better quality of life with our technology solutions and large-scale execution capabilities at the intersection of energy and raw materials, both in the manufacturing and food chains.



Orchestrate the transformation of natural resources into high value-added derivatives first in the petroleum economy and progressively in the green economy, developing technologies for the energy transition in line with the global goals of combating climate change.


Managing complexity, regional specificities and technologies by leveraging the world-class specialized skills of our people. Respecting the environment.


An environment that protects health, a sustainable economy and a stable climate are the primary goals of our time. We will strive to achieve this goal with the same determination we have brought to every previous challenge, never backing down.

Last update: 25/09/2021 03:57