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Mission and vision


We want to be a world-class technology-driven contractor operating in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction sector. Our key factors are competence, entrepreneurship, and adaptiveness.


We have long roots and distinctive competences and technologies in the hydrocarbon processing sector namely petrochemicals, oil&gas refining and fertilizers industries.

We aim at accelerating the world energy transition towards sustainable development and a circular economy approach, having a wide range of services end to end in the value chain.

We focus on the chemical processing of conventional and renewable natural resources into energy and advanced products for manufacturing.



Our technological roots go back to the pioneers of the hydrocarbon chemical engineering industry and we succeed thanks to our distinctive technological skills and the skills of those who preceded us.  Our ability to transform matter is our DNA, protected by approximately 1,300 patents.



Ours is a “People Business”, driven by the value and the talent of our people who are both the heart and the engine of our industrial success: our entrepreneurial spirit combined with a sense of belonging is what distinguishes us from the rest.



Our profession is to find solutions and make difficult decisions under circumstances of uncertainty.  Adversity has made us stronger over time.  We look at obstacles as an opportunity to demonstrate to ourselves and others the added value our work has to offer.


International Footprint:

We know how to operate in all parts of the world thanks to our true international culture. We can work in every natural environment under any climatic condition.  We have lived in whatever country we were called to, successfully adapting to industrial systems different from our own.



Respect for the environment, of Local Communities and of the Code of Ethics is the foundation upon which we base our activities, with a vision guided by sustainability and social responsibility.

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