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Stefano Costabile Grandino

Tecnimont Construction & Subcontracting VP

Born in 1969, he obtained a B.S. in Civil Engineering at University of Salerno 1996. Soon after his graduation, he joined Saipem Group where he gained valuable experiences through various assignments covering the positions of Project Services Manager Onshore for Projects in Oman, Nigeria & Thailand and Senior Project Director and Managing Director Saipem Nigeria. As Branch Manager Saipem Australia he covered the position of Resident and Project Director, being responsible for cost, execution and completion of the Project. With a contract value around 230 Million US, he managed as Branch Manager/Senior Project Director SHAH Project (EPC 2/3/5 package) and was Sponsor Committee member for the Railway Project – Abu Dhabi - UAE Saipem Abu Dhabi. 

In 2016, he joined Maire Tecnimont Group as Tecnimont Senior Project Director of EPC Contract for Al Dabb’iya Development PHASE III Project – ADCO – Abu Dhabi (UAE) and later VP EPC Project for Caspian and Russian Region.

In October 2018, he took the role of Tecnimont Construction and Subcontracting Vice President.

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