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Maire Tecnimont's management is a cohesive team, focused and involved in making bold and courageous contributions to the global business landscape.
The Group, with headquarters in Milan, is led by Chairman and Majority Shareholder Fabrizio Di Amato and CEO Pierroberto Folgiero, and counts on a workforce of about  8,500 people, more than half of whom are abroad.


Fabrizio Di Amato

Chairman and Majority Shareholder

Pierroberto Folgiero

Chief Executive Officer

Alessandro Bernini

Group Chief Financial Officer

Franco Ghiringhelli

Human Resources, Organization and ICT Senior Vice President

Giovanni Sale

Group Corporate Strategy Senior VP, Americas Region VP

Pejman Djavdan

Technology President Stamicarbon Managing Director

Gianni Bardazzi

Group Special Initiatives and Regions Coordination SVP Russia and Caspian Region VP

Fabio Fagioli

Group General Counsel

Enrico Rolandelli

Tecnimont Engineering & Projects VP

Stefano Costabile Grandino

Tecnimont Construction & Subcontracting VP

Sathiamoorthy Gopalsamy

Tecnimont Private Limited Managing Director

Paolo Mondo

Group Procurement VP

Andrea Vena

KT Commercial Vice President

Oscar Spalmach

KT Projects Execution VP

Carmine Biello

Neosia Managing Director Renewables

Salvatore Esposito

Neosia Managing Director Infrastructures

Gaetano Iaquaniello

KT Innovation Strategy VP

Massimo Sicari

Middle East Region VP

Davide Pelizzola

Sub - Saharan Africa Region VP

Fabio Fritelli

Group Finance VP

Ponziano Prandi

North Africa Region Vice President

Inho Jee

South East Asia and Australian Region VP

Stephen Zwart

Stamicarbon Licensing, Sales & Service Vice President

Aldo Alessandro Bertozzi

KT Construction & Subcontracts Vice President

Giuseppe Guadagno

Group Initiatives VP

Milind V. Baride

Group Project Control & Contract Management Vice President, India Region Vice President

Michele Colozzi

KT Technology Development and Licensing VP

Carlo Nicolais

Head of Institutional Relations and Communication

Simona Dolce

Head of Group Corporate Affairs Governance & Compliance

Damiano D'Alessandro

Group HSE Project Quality and Risk Management Head of Department

Constantin Cimpuieru

Integrated Projects VP

Last update: 19/12/2018 07:11