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Business model


Through technology, we transform natural resources into innovative products.

As a global leader in engineering and construction, technology and licensing, energy business development and global ventures, we offer a diverse customer base our cutting-edge tools and technologies to transform natural resources into innovative products for countless uses.

For some of our clients, we are the people in hard hats building complex oil and gas refining facilities and machinery.
For other customers, we're the lab technicians in white coats and goggles studying new technologies to license.
To still others, we're the businessmen in suits, signing contracts for energy production around the world.

In fact, we are all of these things. Our technology roots are deep and broad, from the hydrocarbon chemical engineering industry to processing raw resources in an increasingly sustainable manner.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction are our bread and butter: we have built numerous complex turnkey EPC projects, maximizing local input and sharing value with our stakeholders everywhere.

We offer a wide range of services, including licensing, engineering, materials and equipment procurement, construction supervision and project management, including digital services for operations and maintenance.

Our labor, health and safety performance is significantly higher than industry benchmarks. That's because we work hard from the earliest stages of client investment, identifying the best market for potential products or services and carefully managing all subsequent phases of development.

Last update: 24/09/2021 21:45