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We have three souls: contractors, technologists and enterpreneurs. Discover what we do.


"We have exported our know-how, giving life to new skills, always keeping in mind our roots and vision."


Global presence

We are a multicultural and multinational Group, with over 9,300 people engaged across projects in various countries. Find out where we work with our interactive map.

Mission and vision

We're committed to the development of distinctive technological skills in the hydrocarbons processing sector. Our key factors are competence, entrepreneurship, and adaptability.

About us

We're a multinational Group with a highly technological DNA, and leaders in the areas of Engineering & Construction (E&C), Technology & Licensing, Energy Business Development & Ventures.


Fabrizio Di Amato

Fabrizio Di Amato

Chairman and Majority Shareholder

Pierroberto Folgiero

Pierroberto Folgiero

Chief Executive Officer

Business Structure

We are an industrial Group able to manage end-to-end the value chain in all its phases, offering a range of services with a high degree of flexibility.

Hydrocarbon Processing

Renewables & Green

New Business Model

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