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Related-Party Committee

The Board of Directors held on 29 April 2019 has appointed for the period 2019-2021, namely up to the approval of the company financial statement at 31 December 2021, the “Related-Party Committee”.

The “Related-Party Committee” is composed of the following members:

Gabriella Chersicla (Chairman)

Andrea Pellegrini (Member)

Patrizia Riva (Member)

The Operating Rules of the Related-Party Committee allows the Committee to perform the following functions:

a) Performing its tasks according to the rules and regulations in force, the Procedure, Consob Regulation 17221/2010 (the “Consob Regulation OPC”) and Consob Communication nr. DEM/10078683 dated 24 September 2010, and particularly:

(i) submitting to the Board of Directors modifications or integrations to the Procedure, expressing reasoned opinions;

(ii) asking for clarifications  as well as requiring further information;

(iii) expressing appropriate reasoned opinions to the benefit of the Company – as well as, wherever applicable,   to the benefit of the companies, from time to time involved,  which are directly and/or indirectly controlled by the Company itself, on completing Operations with Related Parties, both Significant and Minor Transactions,  expressing judgement on the merits as far as convenience and substantial correctness of the conditions laid down are concerned, upon receipt of timely and appropriate information flows;

b) Reporting to the Board of Directors on the activity carried out – also based on the information flows from the Company’s relevant departments, at least every six months, in connection with the annual and half-year Financial Statements’ approval.

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