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Governance Model

The governance of Maire Tecnimont's SpA is based on a traditional model that includes the General Shareholder's Meeting, the Board of Directors, and the Board of Statutory Auditors.

The Board of Directors has established two internal committees with advisory functions, the Remuneration Committee and the Internal Control Committee, in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code of Borsa Italiana SpA, to which Maire Tecnimont adheres.

The corporate governance system is essentially oriented towards the creation of shareholder value in the medium and long-term, conscious of the social relevance of the Company and Group activities and the underlying need to consider the interests of all stakeholders adequately.

Maire Tecnimont's SpA governance is based on a traditional model that includes:

  • General Shareholder Meeting
  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Statutory Auditors 

The Board of Directors has established two internal committees with advisory functions:

  • Remuneration Committee
  • Control and Risk Committee

in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code adopted by the Corporate Governance Committee of Borsa Italiana SpA.

The Shareholders’ Meeting on 10 July 2007  gave the mandate to Deloitte & Touche SpA to audit the corporate accounts for the fiscal years 2007-2015.

Since 26 November 2007, Maire Tecnimont SpA ordinary shares have been traded on MTA (Mercato Telematico Azionario),  managed by Borsa Italiana SpA.

Maire Tecnimont directs and coordinates Tecnimont SpA according to Article 2497 of the Italian Civil Code.

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