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Cutting plant investment and operational costs

Urea and fertilizers

In the field of urea, Stamicarbon is working on innovations for dust emission reduction from urea plants (dry finishing project, dust scrubbing prilling towers), standardized design for ammonia/urea plants (Fertco), small scale ammonia/urea plants and product improvement (formaldehyde-free product).

Innovative technology for novel sulphur and hydrogen production

Over the past ten years, the Group has pursued, through its subsidiary KT – Kinetics Technology, technological opportunities for the treatment of H₂S, developing the Selective Oxidative Auto-thermal ProcessTM (S.O.A.P.™), a new Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU) concept based on the use of an Innovative Process, an Innovative Proprietary Catalyst and a New Process architecture for the treatment of Sour Gases feedstock.

The driver of S.O.A.P.™ Research & Development is the idea of taking advantage of the potential high economic value of H₂S when H₂ is produced in addition to Sulphur.

The Novel Process allows cracking H₂S into S and H₂ utilizing the KT – Kinetics Technology Proprietary Catalyst S.O.A.P.™, developed in collaboration with the University of Salerno.

At the beginning of 2015, KT - Kinetics Technology signed an agreement with a Chinese Industrial Partner to construct a S.O.A.P.™ demonstration plant, which is currently in progress.

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