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Research & Development

We work every day to enhance our R&D activities and our innovative technologies portfolio. This is how we intend to strengthen our position as a technology supplier for the petrochemical, fertilizer, Oil & Gas refining and power industries.

5 innovative centers, 93 projects, 17 technology development partnerships, and 40 full time R&D employees: these are the numbers that continue to grow thanks to our daily commitment.

We actively collaborate with major research centers as ENEA, Italian and international universities, and industrial partners to constantly improve our performance and technology.

Among our main collaborators in Italy you'll find La Sapienza University, University of Salerno, University of Pisa, University of L'Aquila, University of Bologna and Polytechnic of Turin, as well as:

  • University of Salerno, with a strong relationship on developing new catalists
  • Polytechnic of Milan, with a partnership in research projects, educational activities, and seminar organization
  • Campus Bio-Medico of Rome, with the "University-Enterprise Committee" that involves training and R&D programs in the technological field

Collaborations abroad include the University of Leuven, the Technical University of Eindhoven, and the École des Mines in Paris.

Agreements have been signed with international research institutes, such as the Spanish Tecnalia for the development of membrane reactors for the production of hydrogen, and with Intertek Laboratories. Some of these partnerships have also become business partnerships: such is the case of Protomation, Holland Novochem, and Envirocare.

Pilot plants for the development of new technologies

Maire Tecnimont Group’s R&D and innovation strategy focuses on the continuous pursuit of new ideas and new applications of existing knowledge, utilizing pilot plants for the demonstration of the innovative developed concepts. Sustainability is the driver of KT – Kinetics Technology’s activities, with the Company strongly committed to creating new industry standards with high added value, capable of minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact. Most of KT – Kinetics Technology’s pilot plants are located and operated at the Scientific and Technological Park of Abruzzo, where KT is an industrial partner and has a testing facility area of approx. 10,000 square meters.

The Scientific and Technological Park of Abruzzo is a strategic asset for KT's R&D; it is also recognized by the European scientific community as an example of technological excellence. Over recent years, the park has also been considered a focal point for training and technological networking.

For the experimental validation and demonstration of the DCCD™ (Dual Column Cryogenic Distillation) technology, in 2015 Tecnimont committed to the design and construction of a laboratory scale pilot plant. This plant has been installed and operated in Piacenza at the facilities of a company specialized in running experimental and research plants.

The plant was first commissioned and put in operation in 2016. Fed by gas bottles, the pilot plant has been designed to test a wide range of feed gas compositions, recovering a treated, saleable, natural gas stream and a high-pressure CO₂  by-product, which will be re-injected into the well in the future construction, thus minimizing the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The successful validation of the technology during the first experimental campaign paved the way for a second experimental campaign to, inter alia, explore the energetic optimization of the process.

Our development strategy for proprietary technologies is further divided into 5 segments, described in the following pages:

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