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Green Chemistry & Renewables

MyReplast Industries

Where: Italy

Client: ND

Company in charge: NextChem

Advanced mechanical plastic recycling plant in Bedizzole

As part of its Green Acceleration project, the Group enters the Circular Economy sector with its first advanced mechanical plastic recycling plant located in the Bedizzole municipality.

The plant will be managed by MyReplast Industries, a subsidiary of and controlled by NextChem, and by local businessmen as minority shareholders.

  • The plant is based on an economically sustainable business model and has the following characteristics: o It is currently among the largest in Europe and can produce about 40 thousand tons of recycled polymers per year;
  • It can treat various types of incoming plastic waste, both from industrial production (ie. components of cars, food, and industrial packaging waste) and from post-consumption waste, such as municipal differentiated waste; 
  • The recycled polymer is a high-quality product, with a recycling efficiency of about 95%.
  • Compared to other structures, it produces a better-quality product that allows its mass re-use for products with a high added value.

The application of technological and plant engineering capabilities to the new mechanical recycling business offers increased opportunities in the regeneration cycle of plastic materials.



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