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Renewables & Green


Maire Tecnimont is focused on renewable power generation through the dedicated subsidiary Neosia Renewables, operating worldwide in wind and solar sectors.

The Group strategy is based on the view that renewable energy projects have been increasing their size in many geographies and the project management experience of a reputable engineering contractor as Maire Tecnimont can be positively recognized by international operators.

Neosia Renewables provides high-quality services along the whole value chain, from development and design to EPC, leveraging the Group global network.



Maire Tecnimont launched its Green Acceleration project through a new company, NextChem, which will manage technological initiatives for the energy transition, to best address new market dynamics.

The Group has identified these initiatives by acting as a technologist and a plant engineering contractor: therefore it is able to develop, industrialize and commercialize new solutions deriving from validated technologies, and then fill the gap between lab and industrialization.

Thanks to its technological DNA and its leadership in the processing of natural resources, Maire Tecnimont can act on the innovation curve with the right timing, to be the technological and industrial partner of choice in driving the on-going energy transition.

NextChem portfolio is composed by three areas of activity:

GREENING THE BROWN activity aims at mitigating the environmental effects of the technologies used for the transformation of oil and natural gas. We are focused on innovations which apply to traditional petrochemical solutions, aimed at limiting, eliminating CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions released from existing plants.

CIRCULAR ECONOMY is focused on the recycling of plastic waste to produce up-cycled polymers, fuels or other valuable chemicals. The range of solutions go from the mechanical and chemical Up-cycling of plastic waste materials up to the waste-to-chemicals and waste-to-fuel technologies, which can produce renewable fuel, hydrogen or other valuable chemicals.

GREEN - GREEN is the innovative area aimed at identifying oil substitutes to produce chemical intermediates, fuels and plastics from renewable sources.